Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon by Rahul Jandial [EPUB]

August 8, 2019

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Overview: For years Dr. Rahul Jandial has transformed the lives of his neurosurgery patients by putting them through ‘brain rehab’, his specially developed boot camp for restoring brain function. In this eye-opening, informative, and accessible guide, he uses his years of expertise to show how healthy people can rewire their brains to work in a higher gear.

With quick and easy daily exercises, neurofitness will show you how to: boost your memory, control stress and emotions, minimize pain, unleash creativity, raise smart kids, and avoid Alzheimer’s.

Using a combination of scientific research, and fascinating real-life stories from his own operating room, acclaimed neurosurgeon Rahul Jandial explains how to boost your brain power for good.
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