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August 1, 2020

The Great Courses is a series of college-level audio and video courses produced and distributed by The Teaching Company, an American company based in Chantilly, Virginia. As of 2015, it had created over 700 courses and sold over 14 million copies.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE GREAT COURSE -A ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Peter N. Stearns – A Brief History Of The World
Hannah B. Harvey – A Children’s Guide To Folklore And Wonder Tales
Arnold Weinstein, Grant L. Voth, Emily Allen – A Day’s Read
Sabine Stanley – A Field Guide To The Planets
Gregory S. Aldrete – A Historian Goes To The Movies: Ancient Rome
Hayden J. Bellenoi – A History Of British India
Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius – A History Of Eastern Europe
Robert Bucholz – A History Of England From The Tudors To The Stuarts
William Kloss – A History Of European Art
J. Rufus Fears – A History Of Freedom
Thomas Childers – A History Of Hitler’s Empire, 2nd Edition
Michael H. Fisher – A History Of India
Mark Steinberg – A History Of Russia: From Peter The Great To Gorbachev
Timothy Taylor – A History Of The U.S. Economy In The 20th Century
Stuart Sutherland – A New History Of Life
Edward L. Ayers – A New History Of The American South
David Zarefsky – Abraham Lincoln: In His Own Words
Steve L. Slezak – Advanced Investments
Bart D. Ehrman – After The New Testament: The Writings Of The Apostolic Fathers
Don Howard – Albert Einstein: Physicist, Philosopher, Humanitarian
Jeremy McInerney – Alexander The Great And The Hellenistic Age
Kenneth W. Harl – Alexander The Great And The Macedonian Empire
James A. Sellers – Algebra I
James A. Sellers – Algebra II
Patrick N. Allitt – America After The Cold War: The First Thirty Years
Timothy Taylor – America And The New Global Economy
Mark A. Stoler – America And The World: A Diplomatic History
Edward T. O’Donnell – America In The Gilded Age And Progressive Era
Daniel N. Robinson – American Ideals: Founding A “Republic Of Virtue”
Wesley K. Clark – American Military History: From Colonials To Counterinsurgents
Patrick N. Allitt – American Religious History
Allen C. Guelzo – America’s Founding Fathers
Anthony Seeger – America’s Musical Heritage
Donald J. Harreld – An Economic History Of The World Since 1400
Steven Gimbel – An Introduction To Formal Logic
David Roochnik – An Introduction To Greek Philosophy
Barry C. Fox – An Introduction To Infectious Diseases
Edward B. Burger – An Introduction To Number Theory
Dorsey Armstrong – Analysis And Critique: How To Engage And Write About Anything
Edwin Barnhart – Ancient Civilizations Of North America
Robert L. Dise Jr. – Ancient Empires Before Alexander
Jeremy McInerney – Ancient Greek Civilization
Amanda H. Podany – Ancient Mesopotamia: Life In The Cradle Of Civilization
Scott M. Lacy – Anthropology And The Study Of Humanity
Eric H. Cline – Archaeology: An Introduction To The World’s Greatest Sites
David Zarefsky – Argumentation: The Study Of Effective Reasoning, 2nd Edition
Ori Z. Soltes – Art Across The Ages
Catherine B. Scallen – Art Of The Northern Renaissance
Robert Garland – Athenian Democracy: An Experiment For The Ages
Phillip Cary – Augustine: Philosopher And Saint

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