June 30, 2019

Rough Jesters MC series by Brook Wilder (#0.5-2)
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Overview: Bestselling Author Brook Wilder is a native of south Texas who knows hot summers and writes hot stories about bossy alpha males and the sassy women in their lives. 
Genre: Romance

Widow Maker (#0.5): Nothing prepared me for how he broke my heart.
Two years ago, Rex saved me from the brink.
He put himself between me and my attackers.
Mended the broken pieces and made me feel whole again.

But he never hid the truth of where his heart belonged:
The club: the Rough Jesters MC.
The club had taken me in when I needed help.
Shielded me from my own monsters.
Gave me the man that I could no longer live without.

But now it demanded Rex from me.
It demanded that I’d always play second fiddle to club affairs. 
I was prepared for a great many things in my two years with Rex.
But nothing could prepare me for how he’ll break my heart.
Widow Maker is a short novella. It is the prequel to Savage Angel (Rough Jesters MC #1) and can be read as a complete standalone. 

Savage Angel (#1): Fate may have given us a second chance together. 
But I don’t think I can ever forgive him for breaking my heart.
Rex Harper had been my saving grace once upon a time, when I was very much just an innocent, naive girl who needed a savior. 
Now, he is my number one enemy.

In our time apart, I made a name for myself, built my own club, and earned my right to be called Madame President.
Yet in my moments of weakness, I allowed myself to miss him.
His touch. His smell. 
The way he made me feel.
The way he chased away my demons.
I never thought we’d ever get a second chance.
Until fate hurled us towards each other again at the worst possible time.

I can’t let my guard down now. 
Not when he’s standing in my way.
Not when everything I worked for is on the line.
But I can’t stop my heart from fluttering each time I hear his voice.
I can’t stop imagining his strong hands on my body.

The closer I get to him, the more irresistible he becomes.
The more I’ll have to remind myself:
I may be tempted to give him my body.
But there’s no way in hell I can trust him ever again with my heart. 
Savage Angel is a standalone enemies to lovers motorcycle club romance between a strong alpha hero and the strong sassy woman he thought he lost years ago.

Broken Beauty (#2): I was abducted and held prisoner by a monster.
A monster that spent six months tormenting me.
A monster who did his best to humiliate and break me. A monster who almost succeeded.

I’d given up all thought of being rescued.
Until Ironsides found me again, barely alive and clinging to the edge of my sanity.
But little did we know, our ordeals have only just begun. 
Some scars—especially the ones you can’t see—don’t heal so easily.
From the way Ironsides looks at me, I can see the shadows of doubt in his eyes. 

And on the nights when I’m trapped by my own nightmares, I’m afraid.
Afraid that I’m trading one prison for another. 
Afraid that I’m becoming a captive in different ways.
Not because Ironsides wants to break me.
But because he’s trying to save me.

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